TMDP 043: Mastering Proprietary Audience Development with Jeffrey K Rohrs

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July 18, 2017
TMDP 044: Leading In The Trenches with Gene Hammett
August 1, 2017

Today’s Guest:

Jeffrey K Rohrs is a creative, strategic, and experienced marketing leader with a passion for collaboration, innovation, and building dynamic brands in today’s fragmented media landscape. Author, speaker, recovering attorney, bacon-lover, and Clevelander-at-heart who serves as Chief Marketing Officer for digital knowledge management platform Yext in New York City.

His first book, AUDIENCE: MARKETING IN THE AGE OF SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS, establishes “proprietary audience development”​ and the flip side of content marketing and a modern marketing imperative. The Social Content Marketing Blog named AUDIENCE the #1 social media marketing book for Academia stating that, “​[it] should be seriously considered as the primary text for an MBA-level course in social media marketing.”​

Follow Jeffrey on Twitter at @jkrohrs. He can also be found on LinkedIn.


You’ll Learn:

  • How Jeffrey transitioned from a recovering attorney to professional marketing.
  • How his foundation in the arts and communications prepared him for his non-traditional rise to CMO.
  • How Lexis-Nexis missed the rise of the search engine.
  • What kept Jeffrey from pursing a broadcasting career and applying to MTV.
  • Why the marketing event space has gotten out of hand.
  • Brand safety is a shared responsibility between advertisers and programmatic vendors.


3 Key Points:

  1. Always follow the trend line.
  2. Brands need to have a disaster preparedness plan in the event one of these influencers goes sideways on them… because they can.
  3. The degradation of journalistic standards have contributed the rise of #FakeNews.


Resources Mention:

Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers by Jeffrey K. Rohrs

The Everywhere Brand by Jay Baer & Jeffrey K. Rohrs


Killer Resources:

  1. Ready to go pro but aren’t sure if College is the right choice for you? Get my Ultimate Digital Marketing College Guide.
  2. Like the podcast? Then you’ll love the book! Grab Beyond Buzzwords on Amazon.
  3. In the last three months of the 2016 Presidential election fake news outperformed real news on Facebook. DON’T be taken advantage of. Our Digital Discernment course teaches you how to call B.S. online.


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