TMDP 052: Becoming the Modern Créatif with Mia Martin

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September 19, 2017
TMDP 053: Why Success Starts with a Vision with Isiah Fowler
October 3, 2017

Today’s Guest:

Mia Martin is a champion of Digital Marketing Services and Corporate Training. With over 15 years of sales and marketing training experience, Mia brings a creative mind and organized thought process to the training and development of corporate organizations and mid-size businesses.

Mia is a proud member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, Digital Marketing Consultant & Master Speaker for the Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project and Regional Officer-Logistics for the Network of Executive Women-Atlanta.

Mia champions the marketing of businesses throughout the U.S. and has provided Digital Marketing Training for Corporate Supplier Mentoring programs including Georgia Power.

Follow Mia on Twitter at @MiaMartinCEO. She can also be found on LinkedIn and


You’ll Learn:

  • How Mia transitioned from a corporate career in sales in marketing to owning her own agency.
  • Why it’s not enough to do things on a task basis; you must be able to prove results.
  • Why Mia believes #AI won’t replace the modern marketer.
  • Why it’s imperative to streamline information and package it in a way that’s structured.
  • Why Mia believes small businesses should invest in a specialist when able, as opposed to trying to do everything themselves.


3 Key Points:

  1. Get prepared! Education is key, regardless of what form it takes.
  2. Focus on projects that stretch your analytical capabilities.
  3. Analytical capabilities help you think strategically and better position your value to a client.


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  1. Mia Martin says:

    Thank you for such an awesome experienced! I really enjoyed being part of your podcast!

    • TOsinubi says:

      The pleasure was truly mine Mia! I personally learned a lot and I know we’re all better marketers for having you share your insight. Thanks again.