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TMDP 059: Playing the Branding Game with Rob Crews
November 14, 2017
TMDP 061: The Value of The Thirst For Knowledge with Ron Grant
November 28, 2017


In part one I explored what I call “The Gospel of Gary Vee”, and gave my perspective on the views of both held by Alexis P. Morgan and Douglas Karr. In this episode I’m going to make the point that Gary’s message is often weaponized and used in an offensive manner in the same way the Christian gospel was used as a weapon during the bloody historical period known as The Crusades.

I also highlight a viral, $100 To The Winner Of The Race, and provide perspective as to why Gary receives such a strong reaction from individuals like myself and Alexis P. Morgan.


You’ll Learn:

  • How Gary Vaynerchuk’s message of personal accountability gets taken out of context and used as a weapon.
  • Why I had a falling out with a mastermind member who prescribed to Gary’s way of thinking.
  • How white privilege compromises some individuals ability to empathize (not sympathize but empathize) and give good advice.
  • Where the deep seated frustration with Gary’s gospel comes from.


3 Key Points:

  1. Gary’s message gets abused by his followers to attack people in the same way the Christian Gospel was used to shed blood during the historical period of The Crusades.
  2. Personal accountability is not a license to be racially insensitive. The stakes are high and people have died.
  3. “Privilege blinds because is it the nature of privilege to blind.” ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


Resources Mention:

TMDP 055: The Gospel of Gary Vaynerchuk Pt. 1

The Terrorists of Capitalism: A Response To Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary’s Response to Alexis P. Morgan

TMDP 010: Epiphanies You Can’t Get From Gary Vee

$100 to the winner of the race viral video


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